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Bocci Balls

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008


By Jesse Oona Nickerson, LEED AP

ZDS has fallen in love with the simple and powerful beauty of Omer Arbel’s Bocci Balls. These lights are made of cast glass, seamed, spheres with frosted cylindrical voids, into which a halogen light bulb is inserted.  The pendants look wonderfully pure and poetic singularly, but it is in clusters that their effect multiplies, creating the impression of many shiny stars in the black night, or of tiny candles encased in floating spheres of water

The elemental quality of these hand crafted pieces allows the imagination to soar.  The light filters each of the small spheres differently.  Due to its organic nature, each piece is unique unto itself.  Imperfections in the glass—bubbles or rifts, born of its artistic creation—allow the light to project a rich halo through the sphere.

The Bellevue House Family Room

Omer Arbel’s multidisciplinary design studio is an inspiration to ZDS.  Through the blurring of boundaries between architectural fields— architecture, furniture, and industrial design—Arbel deals with conceptual work, limited edition, and mass production, while pushing the research on materials.  Since 2005 Arbel has become Bocci’s creative director.  This allows his conceptual approach to be fueled by an infrastructure, which addresses prototyping, fine crafting and distribution.  This process has given birth to new collections of lighting, furniture, and electrical appliances.



Omer Arbel

Bocci Canada

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